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Project Planning Team

Executive Sponsor: Anne Milkovich, CIO

Project Sponsor: Victor Alatorre, Director of Infrastructure

Project Manager: Kevin Boldt, IS Technical Services Specialist

Technical Lead: George Paul, Telecommunications Services Senior

Team Members: Mary Hale, Dan Petersen, Erik May, Michelle Loker, Laura Knaapen

 Contact IT

  Hours: M-F 7:30AM - 4:30PM
  Phone: (920) 424-3020

Status: 6/23/17

  • To dial IT staff in Dempsey Hall use 9-424-XXXX.
  • New VoIP phone deliveries and network upgrades continue across campus.
  • If you’ve received a new VoIP phone, please keep your old phone connected and on your desk until IT confirms your service port date (see the Cut Over List). You may use either phone to pickup calls.
  • The cut over date for Phase 1 has been confirmed by AT&T as July 12.

Voice Over IP Project

Along with all the other campuses in the UW System, Oshkosh needs to modernize its telephone communication systems to meet current and future needs, as the existing AT&T system is being discontinued. A more robust infrastructure and modern telephone communication system, known as Voice over IP (VoIP), will deliver voice and video communications as well as other collaboration services over the Internet. The new VoIP system will provide a platform for better remote collaboration and learning, improve emergency notification, and over time will reduce telephone costs. However, the upfront investment in catching up the Oshkosh infrastructure to modern standards is significant.


  1. Research, evaluate, select, and install upgraded network infrastructure across campus to sustain present and future anticipated needs.
  2. Research, evaluate, select, and install the VoIP core system.
  3. Research telephone needs and offer a limited and standard selection of telephones to meet campus needs.
  4. Develop a funding model that will support the upfront investment and ongoing costs.
  5. Plan and execute a roll out that is manageable within available resources while reducing impact to campus.
  6. Plan adequate training and support for constituents in the adoption of the new system.
  7. Provide a high degree of transparency and communication to prepare constituents and inform them of progress.

Recent: Phones are being delivered to the Phase 2 group. Building switch updates continue. To see which group you are in, please check the Cut Over List. The service cut over date for Phase 1 has been confirmed by AT&T a July 12. VoIP administrators have received extensive training in the voicemail and handset features.

Next: VoIP administrators will begin configuring advanced features for front desk and business set users. Staff are completing Phase 2 phone delivery and network update. Note that we will be unable to move phone numbers from building to building during this deployment process.