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This message is to serve as a notice of a change that will occur within 24 hours.  IT will be deploying an automated upgrade of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) to Windows computers.
The application will be deployed upon computer startup/boot.  DO NOT attempt to shutdown or restart the computer during the install process.  Automatic restarts will occur if required.  IT has tested the deployment of this software package, the installation time is about 1-2 minutes but can vary based on hardware.
Once the “CTRL + ALT + DELETE” login prompt appears..the computer is ready to be used and SEP should be visible as a golden shield in the system tray.  Please contact the Helpdesk at 424-3020 or if you have questions or concerns.


Quick Questions & Answers


What is being upgraded?
The latest Symantec Endpoint Protection client for Windows (12.1.6608.6300).
When will the upgrade occur?
The switch will be enabled at 3:30pm on Wednesday, January 6th.
Why is the upgrade necessary?
This upgrade will address security patches, preparation for Windows 10, and consolidation to one version of SEP across campus.
Who is affected by the upgrade?
All faculty and staff Windows workstations on campus that are joined to Active Directory.
How will the install take place and what will I see during the upgrade?
The software will deploy via a group policy and powershell script from.  The install will occur on bootup.
You will see a message “Apply Audit Policy Configuration policy…” as the install is occurring.
Do not power off or restart the system while this happening.  The system will auto-restart if it is required, when CTRL + ALT + DELETE appears..the computer is ready to use and SEP should be visible in the system tray.
How long does the install take?
The install takes anywhere from 1-2 minutes depending on the hardware configuration and server load.
How do I check my SEP version?
1.  Right click the SEP icon in the system tray and select “Open Symantec Endpoint Protection”
2. Click “Help” button in top left of SEP window, select “About..”.