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About the Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is  primarily responsible for providing feedback to the steering committee and receiving informational updates on issues, projects, and changes related to IT at the university.


A large group of stakeholders, specifically formed and convened by the Steering committee.  Membership includes:

  1. Assigned:  Two members from Faculty Senate
    1. John Mayrose
    2. Evan Williams
  2. Assigned:  Two members from Academic Staff Senate
    1. Sarah Bradway
    2. Jean Ann Schroeder
  3. Assigned:  Two members from University Staff Senate
    1. Joshua Becken
    2. Ricky Johnson
  4. Assigned:  One member from the Oshkosh Student Association (serves on Steering Committee)
    1. TBD
  5. Academic Affairs
    1. Jenna Graff
    2. Sally Masters (Academic Advising)
  6. Academic Support and Inclusive Excellence
    1. Jason Herman
  7. Administrative Services
  8. Admissions
    1. Paul Gedlinske
  9. Advancement
  10. Athletics
    1. Victoria Stimac
  11. Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
    1. Jennifer Hendryx
  12. College of Business
    1. Andy Miller (nominated by J. Ben Arbaugh)
    2. Jakob Iversen
  13. College of Education and Human Services
    1. Glady Van Harpen
    2. Nari Kim
  14. COLS:  Social Sciences
    1. Mike Jasinski
    2. Jason Kalmbach
  15. COLS:  Math/Science
    1. Jason Belnap
    2. Samara Hamze
    3. Craig Biwer
  16. COLS:  Humanities
    1. Andy Radig
    2. David Gilboa
    3. Andrew Smock
    4. Kristine Nicolini
  17. COLS:  Fine & Performing Arts
  18. College of Nursing
    1. Patricia Treleven (volunteered and also nominated by Judy Westphal)
  19. Cooperative Academic Partnership Program
    1. Sarah Adelson
  20. Dean of Students
    1. John Palmer
  21. Facilities Management
  22. Graduate Studies
    1. Greg Wypiszynski
    2. Connie Schuster
  23. Honors College
    1. Julie Russo
  24. Human Resources
    1. Shawna Kuether
  25. Institutional Research
    1. Samantha Surowiec
  26. Library
    1. David Hietpas
  27. Online and Continuing Education
    1. Margie Carlson
  28. Reeve Union
    1. Matt Suwalski
  29. Registrar’s Office
    1. Jennifer Bonack
    2. Lisa Danielson
    3. Julia Jalovec
  30. Residence Life
  31. Sponsored Programs
  32. Student Affairs
    1. Chrissy Lambie
    2. Michelle Lamb
  33. University Marketing and Communication
    1. Jenni Monroe
  34. University Police Department


  •  Two-way information dissemination.
  • Receive updates on current or upcoming initiatives, issues, priorities, and conflicting requirements.
  • Provide input on current or upcoming initiatives, issues, priorities, and conflicting requirements.
  • Disseminate information to constituencies.


  • Meets quarterly
  • Agenda called and created by steering committee
  • Topics brought by stakeholders, steering committee, or IT leaders
  • Common topics include feedback from constituents on issues of concern, advisement on anticipated IT requirements such as policy changes, discussion of recommendations for needed improvements, review of the investment portfolio, discussion of best practices and implementations, and topics of interest

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