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  Hours: M-F 7:30AM - 4:30PM
  Phone: (920) 424-3020

Software Support

The installation of software campus-wide in learning spaces, conference rooms, and office spaces is done via software centers for each of the two major computer operating systems: SCCM for Windows and MSC for Macintosh. See the links below for lists of standard campus software.

Available To

Faculty, Staff

Benefits and Key Features

  • Most software can be installed automatically, on demand, using one of two software maintenance systems
    • SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) for Windows
    • MSC (Managed Software Center) for Macintosh
  • Both systems allow users to select the software they want to install and they will keep that software updated to the latest version and security patch
  • Along with the automated systems we have friendly, knowledgable full-time and student staff to install less common software
  • Available year round which means during breaks as well as when classes are in session


Valid NetID or TitanCard

Getting Started

All campus computers are setup with the appropriate software center system. Use SCCM or MSC to see what software is installed on your computer and what software you can install on your own.

If you would like to suggest software to be added to either system, contact the Help Desk at (920) 424-3020 or If it is software for which the campus is not licensed, then you or your department will need to purchase the software according to campus and state software contracts and procedures.

Helpful Links

Campus Standard Software (Windows)

Campus Standard Software (Mac)

Campus Standard Software installed in GA classrooms and labs

Managed Software Center – MSC

Software Center – SC