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Planning Team

Program Sponsor: Chancellor Leavitt Program Owner: Jenny Watson, AVC Academic Affairs Technology Leader: Anne Milkovich, CIO Value Leader: Liz Whalley, Advising Director

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Information Technology Phone: (920) 424-3020 Email: View more IT contact information

Status:  10/10/16 Phase One is complete. Moving on to Phase Two.

Student Success Collaborative (SSC)

The Student Success Collaborative, hosted by the Educational Advisory Board, analyzes student data to help colleges and universities improve retention, progression, and graduation rates. Predictive analytics match majors to individual students based on probability of success, enabling faculty and advisors to guide students to successful outcomes. The latest functionality included in the service helps manage advising appointments and maintain student interaction records.


The SSC planning team is charged with discovering best practices, planning and leading implementation including necessary process redesign, overseeing user education of faculty and staff, and developing a framework to assure effective institutional use and data-driven continuous improvement in student Retention, Progression, and Graduation (RPG).


Implementation Strategy UWOSH_3_17_16

Oshkosh SSC Campus Phased Implementation Plan


“SSC Advising Kickoff 9/15/2015”