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Phone Line Pricing Model

We have refined and initially vetted a cost-sharing model with administrative services and the budget model development committee, for feasibility both now and in the new budget model. After discussion with Deans, Leadership Council and others, we will separate the ongoing infrastructure fixed costs from the phone line variable costs. We are also creating a flat rate phone line charge to simplify departmental budgeting and reduce time spent on internal accounting and administration.

  • To simplify the transition process and be as fair as possible, the campus phone bill will be ‘frozen’ from April-June (departments will pay the same amounts in May & June as they did in April)
  • VoIP phone lines will cost departments $10/line/month for basic desktop or courtesy phone service.
  • Special-feature, conference, and call center phones will be billed in the range of $13-15/line/month in order to cover higher phone and licensing costs.
  • The flat rate is lower than what departments would pay with the additional AT&T increase, encourages conservative use, is more predictable for budgeting, and is more efficient to administer.
  • Departments will not need to purchase phones.
  • Departments will have the option to purchase compatible corded/cordless headsets from a list of standard models.
  • Phone line charges will include rental of the phone, installation, voicemail, software licensing and maintenance, support, and domestic long distance.
  • We are still evaluating international long distance.
  • Charges will be automatically transferred to the central telephone account via PeopleSoft, as now.
  • Partial months will be paid in full and not prorated.
  • Departments that must maintain analog Centrex phone lines for some reason, such as off-campus locations (not on our network), will pay a higher rate of $20.00/month/line to cover costs beginning July, 2017, transferred via PeopleSoft.
  • FAX machines will remain on analog Centrex phone lines until other options can be thorough reviewed and tested.
  • All emergency and elevator phone lines will be paid for centrally as part of infrastructure fixed-costs instead of distributed among departments.
  • We will monitor the phone line rate and adjust accordingly over time if our best estimate proves too high or too low.
  • Infrastructure fixed-costs (such as wired/wireless network) will be cost-shared across campus under a separate model.
  • Go to VoIP Phone Packages to see package details

Please send feedback to CIO Anne Milkovich at We appreciate hearing your feedback on the new pricing model before it goes into effect July 1 2017.